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The novelist’s confidence

I’m often amazed how little confidence some novelists have in their writing, particularly women writers. Novelists write to me saying, ‘I’m a terrible writer…’ or ‘What I write is rubbish…’ or ‘Sharing my writing with someone is a huge step for me; I’m so embarrassed…’

But you have written a novel!

The fact that you have that first draft completed means you are a novelist.


Not many people achieve that first draft, the creativity, the translation of ideas into words, the hours and toil, the insecurity and doubts, the exhaustion and perseverance. It’s an enormous cognitive and emotional feat.

The first draft

I’m an editor, so my viewpoint is obviously biased towards focusing on revising and editing, but I wonder whether those novelists, who don’t believe in their work, are simply unaware that the writing process is cyclical.

I very much doubt that JK Rowling expected any of her first drafts to be best sellers; indeed some of her work went through multiple revision cycles.

The first draft is a mammoth feat. It captures the unique creative ideas of the novelist and uses their unique choice of words and unique style of delivery to share that creativity.

But it is only the first draft.

The process for writing, evaluating and revising is cyclical.

So, I wonder if those self-deprecating novelists, who don’t believe in their novel’s potential, just don’t realise that the first draft is only the first draft, and unfortunately most of us don’t produce the best version of our work the first time.

Even if we did produce the best version of our work the first time, a more analytical and objective approach might generate valuable improvements to help surpass our previous best versions.

The next step

I’ll be launching a short course soon showing you how to step off the floating island of insecurity about your draft novel. In a five-day, online course, taking up only a couple of hours of your day and working on your own novel, I will show you how to step outside of your work and act as an objective analyst to move into the next phase – the writer’s revision cycle – and exceed the best version of your novel.

If you need help to move you on with your novel, register interest in my online course:

A 5-day Sprint from Writing to Revising

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