Superb in every way – seriously. Kirstie licked my first novel into shape, ready for an agent. I hadn’t expected a chapter by chapter synopsis, but how useful that is proving. She has a great knack of balancing ‘what’s working well’ with ‘and this could be even better,’ the mark of a consummate professional. Most importantly my trust in her wisdom and experience has been born out.

I asked if we could include an hour’s Zoom call in the contract and that proved very useful indeed. It helped me prepare my first book for publishing. I gave her my script and she gave me editorial support.

Beware though, she’s quick. So if you think you’re going to get time away from the work of editing again, don’t bank on it! 

I will be recommending Kirstie to other writers for sure and commissioning her again myself.

Jacqui Stearn

Kirstie Edwards of Vibrant Communication Services has carried out editing work of the highest quality on both fiction and non-fiction books for me. She performed well in the three key areas in which I asked for her help:

  • Proofreading (i.e. the identification and correction of spelling errors and errors of grammar and punctuation)
  • Developmental editing, in which she pointed out how the book could be improved, both stylistically and in content
  • Identifying where points had been unnecessarily duplicated as well as instances where I had said one thing in one place and something quite different in another.

I have used a number of proof-readers in the past and would recommend Kirstie without hesitation as being among the best.

John Lynch, Writer

Kirstie helped me prepare my first book for publishing. I gave her my script and she gave me editorial support.

Kirstie’s professional help was invaluable for me, she responded in detail giving positive feedback and gave suggestions for improvement.

I found Kirstie to be very knowledgeable about writing and the publishing process but she was aware of my level and developed my ideas from there. I felt supported and found her to be reliable and consistent. She always got back to me quickly and stayed with me until my script was ready for the next stage.

Vicky Turrell, Fiction Author

Kirstie collaborated with me on a series of blogs for my Author Unlimited website; she came up with lots of ideas and we worked iteratively to craft accessible content for new writers. Kirstie drew on her knowledge as an editor and writing tutor to create content on researching, evaluating sources, making sense of information, organising ideas, getting started with writing, translating ideas into words, and coping with feedback on writing. She produced great work and I’d highly recommend working with her.

Cathy Presland  

Academic Author Testimonials

Kirstie worked in my department for 10 years, copy-editing and proofreading PhD theses and research articles for publication in scholarly journals. During this time, we published broadly in peer-reviewed journals. I appreciated not only the high standard of Kirstie’s work, but also her creativity and co-operating attitude in the team.

Professor Arthur Spaepen, KULeuven

Kirstie Edwards has worked closely with me as a copy-editor and proofreader for various scholarly articles and book publications since 2007. Kirstie works carefully and accurately to remove technical errors and to query anomalies. She readily engages in discussion to improve the quality of written communication, whilst respecting authors’ and editors’ decisions.

Professor Luc Pauwels, University of Antwerp

Kirstie did an exceptional, comprehensive copyediting job on my PhD manuscript of about 100,000 words in a short span of time. I was totally impressed by the professionalism Kirstie gave to my work. Her recognized professional qualifications and over 20 years of experience in the field truly make a difference in the quality of work. I was amazed by all the inconsistencies, grammatical errors and repetitions that she discovered in my manuscript. She also made it easier for me to explain what I wanted to say in very few words. Kirstie is patient, generous and very supportive in her approach. It was one of my best decisions contacting her and I wholeheartedly recommend her services to you. 

Sunny Kumar, Researcher